Welcome to the NRTV PAC


We are a Political Action Committee, a non-partisan organization that advocate for your constitutional right to cast your vote and make sure it is accounted for.  With the help of our members, the National Right to Vote PAC is trying to bring people from across our country to  acknowledge a primary principle our founding fathers stood for since the existence of our great nation. 

Right to Vote (RTV) Political Action Committee supports fair and transparent elections and seek to protect American's rights to cast a free vote.

We believe in the rights of the community’s citizens to understand the election process and know their rights to vote in every election.

Browse this website to find out more about our mission and upcoming events. We are hoping to make our neighborhood a better place step by step.

Our mission:

Core principles:

  • Seek answers to legitimate citizens’ concerns on issues related to the election process in general, as well as casting an impartial vote in particular 
  • Monitor irregular activities, and the exploitation of any sort of manipulations which could impact the election process at any level
  • Disseminate election information by ways of newsletters, ads, litterateurs, and volunteer work.
  • Guarantee fair and equal opportunity for our deployed military personnel to cast their vote in every election held in the US.